The Green Flag Drops

Welcome to Global Auto Scene, or GAS for short. (yes, I did that deliberately).  Though technically vehicles operate on fuel. Wait, maybe it’s petrol. Well I suppose it could be diesel. And there that deep fryer oil stuff.  Ok, whatever, it’s GAS.

We are still in production to get the site fully up and running. so, I wanted to give a quick, broad view of what this blog will be covering. Short and sweet, just about any four-wheeled vehicle with an internal combustion engine (not motor, we will discuss this another time) and a steering wheel. Pretty simple, right?  Well, if you know anything about cars, which I am sure that if you are at this site, you know the auto world is rather complex. There is nothing simple about cars. In 2015 there were over 68 million cars produced worldwide. As it is extremely difficult to get an exact number, analysts estimate that there are just over 1 billion cars on the road, world wide. This number does not take into account heavy duty trucks, tractor trailers, etc. Countries like India, Russia, Brazil and China are mass producing small inexpensive cars at incredible rates. In 2015, China sold over 24 million cars. In the US, over 12 million cars were sold. In third place is Japan at over 9 million sold.

These are staggering numbers, but hang on and pull that seatbelt tight. In 2010 the global auto industry was worth just over 728 billion US Dollars. Experts belive that this number will rise to over 908 billion dollars. Ouch, I think there was a small explosion in my head! Incredible numbers.  Now, remember, this does not include any money generated in all the other areas of the auto industry. The after market industry (or secondary industry), for tires, air fresheners, wheels, go fast goodies, well and just about anything you can think of is an enormous money maker. This is part of the auto world that is as complex as the (primary industry) auto manufactures are. The folks in good ‘ol USA spent over 318 billion dollars in 2013 on all the doo-dads you could dream of to put on or in your car. So these aftermarket companies are classified in two different areas. The first being Parts. This means any part that is used to replace and original part. This can be anything from a fender, to an alternator, a set of brake pads, a tail lamp, or a valve cover gasket. The second being accessories. This means anything that will enhance the car beyond what the manufacture offered when the car was new.  So, that may mean a high performance exhaust system, suspension lowering kits, high powered audio systems, seat covers, body kits, high performance ignition systems, and even that little Hawaiian girl in a grass skirt, dancing on your dash.

There’s more. Lots more. These numbers don’t accurately reflect the Hot Rod scene or the racing scene. Some parts may over lap, but in these categories, it’s the added cost of the LABOR to modify these cars. For example, a friend and I built a ’49 Ford F1 pickup truck. It was heavily modified from suspension to interior. Custom four link adjustable rear, custom fully hydraulic dumping & tilting bed,  custom wood slat bed floor, and a fire breathing 460 cubic engine, ported and polished heads, .30 over cylinder bore, dry sump oil system, custom made stainless steel headers, and a massive 850 cfm four barrel carburetor. The only part on the truck that was original was the fire wall. Every other piece of the truck was changed and or modified.  It won a number of local shows and it was a scream to drive. Here’s the catch… took us almost 11 years to complete it! Why? Well we aren’t loaded with cash, we both have families, and we did all the work ourselves! My point is this, how can the experts and analysts calculate the labor people all over the world put into their cars? They can’t. Common repair shops demand $80 to $150 per hour for labor. It sure would be an interesting study! If you are a gear head, or just an automobile fanatic, you get it. You understand. If you’re not, well it’s ok, we will teach you!

So, my foot is on the throttle and it’s gong to the floor!! We will be covering all sorts of cool auto stuff, racing, maintenance and repairs, car shows, new models and antique beauties, environmental ideas and brilliant discoveries and inventions. I would love for you to stop by now and then and see what’s new.



Author: Global Auto Scene

Nearly 20 years experience in the auto industry. As a technician, parts specialist, service advisor and service manager. I have built several hot rods and race cars over the years as well. I Have worked closely with GM, Ford, Suzuki, Nissan, Infiniti, Porsche, Audi and others.

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